Introducing Author Frank Reed’s Book

“In God We Trust Dollars & Sense”

Frank Reed's Book In God We Trust Dollars & Sense

Debt is NOT your Destiny!

Credit cards and consumer debt have all but taken over our economy. There are many people with maxed out credit cards, and the majority of them are behind on their credit card payments. The reason why so many people live in this state of financial anesthesia is that they feel the pain of struggling from day to day.
They anesthetize themselves with drugs, alcohol, and buying things they cannot afford, trying to find some meaning to this ever-elusive drama they call life; when it isn’t really living at all. Frank has written a book that is both entertaining and enlightening. It provides a well-defined plan for reducing debt using biblical principles to clearly draw a path to financial freedom.
Frank’s extensive knowledge of scripture, combined with his planning background, results in a book that shows us how to purposefully use God’s word to bring us to financial freedom.

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Frank’s Interview with

Mary West!

Here Frank talks about why he wrote this book. The biggest reason was because he himself started out in debt and knew that there had to be a better way of living.

By finding God, he learned that God cared about not only you, but finances as well. He wrote this book to tell others about God’s financial plan and to help them find God and the plan he has for their future!

Listen to the interview now to hear all of Frank’s insights and why he wrote this special book!