What Clients Say About Frank Reed

Just wanted to recognize some amazing friends of ours, Frank Reed and Randi Reed. They have been such a blessing to our family. They are such genuine people and we are so grateful to have them as friends. After getting to know them, I realized how wise Frank was with financial matters. I was writing a paper for school about two years ago and asked him for advice. I think the paper was on being responsible with money…then he told me about this book he wrote about debt and financial freedom…(I thought wait, woah, he’s an author?! but yet so humble?!). So anyway, after reading his book (it was really good by the way) and now re-reading it, I thought maybe some of you might be interested in my friends wisdom. I just discovered he is on the radio now so you can even listen to him if you don’t have time to read. You can contact him here on facebook or check out his website with his radio broadcasting posted on his website.

Sarah Olsen

Frank is a very talented person and I value his financial expertise. But when he gave me a copy of his book on finances, I delayed reading it because I assumed it would be filled with all kinds of “financial advice” and facts and figures that I should follow. But I knew I needed to improve my method of budgeting, so decided to read the Reed book! I was pleasantly surprised — it was so “reader friendly” and the pages just flowed like a novel! Not only does Frank bring out solid advice, but he also applies scripture portions to financial circumstances and elaborates on these. He gives examples in his own life, together with his wife — how they listened to the leading of the Lord and learned many lessons — which he shares with his readers! I highly recommend this book as a “must read” for every household! Not just for helpful advice, but for interesting, gripping reading!

Jean Bates

Frank, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the videos. I am so proud of you. It was also so good to see you up close and personal. I took one of the challenges you offered: ”To ignite the hearts and minds of the young people that I will come into contact with this school year and to make a difference”. So, please pray for me. I forwarded the videos to Toni and Mary. I also ordered the album today. I cannot wait to hear it. Blessings to you.


Your book is great from what I’ve read so far. I am excited to read more of it! BUT the really cool thing is I was just talking with Kristina and she loves your book and said that after reading a lot of it she sat down last night and asked Jesus into her heart!! AMAZING your book is powerful. She already believed but your book explained a lot of things to her very clearly. Now I am just so excited about it I had to tell you. Please don’t mention it and she will probably tell you herself. Frank that is just so wonderful!! I want to buy a couple more of your books next time I see you to give to some friends!

Patrick Snow

Author, Create Your Own Destiny

I am pleased to say what a blessing Frank Reed’s book, “In God We Trust Dollars and Sense” has been to me in both wisdom and finances. I’ve always known, both innately and biblically speaking, how debt enslaves us, but I’ve never really understood how God wants to bless us financially. There is a requirement on our part as Christians, however. A contract (a covenant) with God of ten percent ( a tithe) of our first fruits (the gross). Frank makes it clear that all we received was God’s blessing to begin with, but joyfully giving back a tenth shows obedience on our part to God’s will. This allows God to complete the contract by blessing us abundantly (Proverbs 3:9-10). Thanks Frank, your words ring clear and and truthful. I intend to take them to heart.

Steve Stermolle

Frank Reed was very helpful! Frank has a way of teaching that makes you really take an honest look at yourself. I have learned more in Frank’s sessions and found it more useful than any other part of this class.

Olympic College Students

My dad read the book and said it was wonderful! He gained some great knowledge as well as some new ways of looking at debt and the journey to overcome it!


Frank has written a book that is both entertaining and enlightening. It provides a well-defined plan for reducing debt using the words of the Bible to clearly draw a path to financial freedom. Frank’s extensive knowledge of scripture, combined with his financial background, results in a book that shows us how to purposely use God’s word to bring us back to financial independence.

Donna L. Gassie

Vice President, National Grants Management Association

The day I got a hold of Frank Reeds book: In God We Trust Dollar$ & Sense is the day that my path turned toward my savior. Packed in this book are so many answers as to how God is the creator of all things…including wealth. I am so very thankful to God for putting this book into my hands He knew what my heart needed. Through scripture and clear and concise explanations of the passages Frank helped me to finally understand what God really wants for His children…including me. If you picked up this book it is because God has put the desire in your heart for He knows what your heart needs. Just as He knew mine. God Bless you Frank and thank you for listening to what God put in your heart to tell us.

Kristina Smith

Future Style Leader, GiGiHill

I acknowledge my own challenges and struggles with a sense of “who am I to do this project?” I recently had a discussion with, Mr. Frank Reed, a big presentation speaker here in Seattle. His response to my self-questioning was “love knows no color”. I am choosing to believe him.

Elisabeth Edelen