Frank’s Interview with Mary West!

Here Frank talks about why he wrote this book. The biggest reason was because he himself started out in debt and knew that there had to be a better way of living.

By finding God, he learned that God cared about not only you, but finances as well. He wrote this book to tell others about God’s financial plan and to help them find God and the plan he has for their future!

Listen to the interview now to hear all of Frank’s insights and why he wrote this special book!

Frank’s Interview with Patrick Snow!

In this video interview I talk with Patrick Snow.

A long time friend, Patrick and I discuss my book In God We Trust, Dollars, and Sense. We talk about how I came up with the idea for this book, and it came to be in existence.

Listen to the interview now to hear his reasons for writing this book. 

Frank Reed in TV Shows

TBN Seattle Praise The Lord

With Frank Reed Bottom Line Ministries


Below is a summary of the TBN show introducing Frank and his wife Randi and their story on how they met.

The conversation goes on with how they turned around their financial challenges to living now debt-free. One of the turning points for Frank was how he learned about tithing and followed God’s financial plan early on.

To give back to the community he is a professional speaker and is the author of his book “In God We Trust Dollars & Sense”.