About Frank Reed

Frank Reed is a highly insightful and effective financial coach, book author of “In God We Trust Dollars and Sense“, and speaker with an innovative approach to financial freedom and to debt free living. He empowers people with a profound truth: Debt is Not Your Destiny! He introduces you to a new way of looking at the wisdom of the ages.

Frank has shared this knowledge over the years at home and abroad in Kampala, Uganda, and Ireland. Some of his noteworthy clients include: the Chamber of Commerce, the Virginia Fatherhood Campaign, colleges as well as local and international faith-based organizations.

Frank has twenty-five years of experience in management (Shipbuilding), planning, production control, engineering, coordination of personnel, schedules and materials, resolving personnel conflicts and customer (Vendor & Naval) grievances. He has provided insight for leadership and customer service. He has served as a Grant Review Expert Panel Member for the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI); and Department Of Labor, deciding the distribution of federal funding, up to several million dollars in grants awarded.

My goal is to help you to achieve financial freedom, experience debt relief and building hope for your future.

About Financial Coach, Author and Speaker Frank Reed

Born and raised in Southeastern Virginia, Frank now resides in Bremerton, Washington, near the Seattle-Tacoma Metro area.